Our focus is wrong.

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Life is too short to be anything but happy.

I watch people every single day and I watch them hate their life. I watch them hate everything about it and I won’t lie. I can fall into that category too, but that also goes in line with the reason that I am writing this. It goes in line with it because I’ve made a lot of changes in the way that I live, in the way that I see things, and with that, I have come a long, long way. But it’s not something that you can perfect. No, it’s not something that ever gets finished.

It doesn’t get finished because we are always changing and we will always be changing.

This isn’t an emotional rant. This isn’t a live journal entry. This is a call to action for everyone, myself included to just wake up. Get out of that daze. Get out of that state of mind because it is not conducive. It is not beneficial, or advantageous. It is not anything but detrimental to you and everyone around you.

This isn’t something that you start on January 1st. This isn’t something that you start tomorrow, or on Monday. This isn’t something that you start today. No, you need to start now.

Like right now.

You need to start now because you need to realize that today is important. It’s important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. Every second that you spend doing something is a second that you will never get back and you need to remember that. You need to remember that because time is finite and so are we.

And as a society, our focus is wrong.  It’s wrong because we only focus on money, and we’re so focused on getting it and investing it. We’re so focused on just using it to… buy everything. To fix everything. To do everything. And we want it so bad that we spend over 50 hours a week putting up with dead end jobs. We invest the next 20 years of paychecks to pay the tab for our own education, so that we can just earn more money and we waste away for it. We want it so bad that we literally have to remind ourselves that money is not a form of foliage. We have to tell ourselves that money doesn’t grow on trees.

And yes, I understand that we do need money. I understand that it is the focal point of our society, but should it be the most important thing? No. It shouldn’t be the most important thing because money is useless without time and far too often, we don’t realize that. We don’t take it into consideration.  We don’t even see it as a factor in the equation and that’s a problem. It’s a problem because you need time for money to have a purpose. After all, you wouldn’t buy bullets if you didn’t have a gun. You wouldn’t buy a boat if you didn’t have water, and I’m not telling you to stop working. I’m not telling you to quit your job, or quit school. I’m not telling you that money is pointless because it does serve a purpose.

It all serves a purpose.

I’m just saying that we shouldn’t worship it like we do.

It’s not worth it. It’s not worth the stress. It’s not worth the time, or the energy, and we forget that. We get so tied up in it. We get so worried about it that we forget about everything else and we lose seconds, and minutes, and days. We lose weeks, and months, and years that we’ll never get back. And the only question we can ask ourselves is, “Why?”

Why do we stress? Why do we expend the time? The energy?


Because our focus is wrong. Even when we accomplish our goals, even when we get the money we wanted, or that we thought we wanted, we then set new goals. We want more money and in general, that behavior is cyclical.

It is rinsed. It is repeated.

Over and over.

So moving forward, just think about that and think about time as a bank account. Each day you’re awarded $50,000, but it doesn’t roll over. You don’t get to keep tomorrow what you don’t spend today. It doesn’t go to the homeless. It doesn’t go to the charity or those in need. No, it just evaporates. It’s just like time.

So go outside.

Spend it.

Do whatever you have to do, but remember to spend it because it won’t be there tomorrow.

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